CBFC Muted Hanuman Chalisa in Phillauri Movie


Anushka Sharma is back with her next production venture, Phillauri which is a love story with a twist. Anushka is seen playing a friendly ghost, Shahsi in the movie having Suraj Sharma, Mehreen and Diljit Dosanjh in pivotal roles. But even though the movie did not have any explicit concept, it had to face cuts from censor boards.


CBFC Muted Hanuman Chalisa

As per the reports, the CBFC has muted the Hanuman Chalisa versed in the movie stating hurting of religious sentiments. In a scene where Suraj Sharma screams out by seeing Shashi, the Ghost, he chants Hanuman Chalisa to ward her away. According to CBFC, Hanuman Chalisa is meant to be the eradication of the ghosts and not pacify them. CBFC has asked to mute the Hanuman Chalisa and now audiences will only hear Suraj saying something which would not be audible to audiences. CBFC even told the makers to show a disclaimer in the beginning that they do not subscribe to superstitions and ghosts shown in the film.


Phillauri Movie Hanuman Chalisa Mute

Phillauri is produced by Anushka and her brother and is directed by debutant Anshai Lal. The movie is receiving mixed responses at the box office and only time will tell, if Phillauri will be successful as Anushka’ first production film, NH10.

Baahubali 2 movie trailer is also released with Phillauri. As expected, it received great appreciation from the audience.

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