Udta Punjab Movie Review – Shahid Kapoor Shines

Finally, after so many barriers and controversies, Udta Punjab released this Friday. Even though the leaked version was out, here is why Udta Punjab is definitely worth all controversies and to be watched in Cinema halls. In its last week, it gave good competition to Sultan movie starring Salman Khan.

Udta Punjab Review

As known earlier, Udta Punjab is about Drug abuse state Punjab where 4 lives, which is not connected to each other, gets involved in Drugs. Tommy Singh played by Shahid Kapoor is very much convincing as a Rock star drug addict. This might be Shahid’s best performances until date. His aggression, addiction was near perfect which was to be required in the character. Alia Bhatt playing a Bihari migrant labourer is completely non recognisable in her De glam look. She steals the show and shocks everyone. One day she gets packet of drugs thrown in the field she works and from there on, she gets caught in vicious circle of Drug Mafia. Kareena Kapoor as Dr Preet gives a mature performance. She has that subtle yet promising performance. The first Bollywood movie of Diljit, superstar of Punjabi Films, does not disappoint. Rest of the supporting actors like Manav Vij, Satish Kaushik etc have performed their roles in appropriate way. You can book your tickets for Udta Punjab movie from here. Its still showing in some cinema halls across Delhi.

Udta Punjab Review

Udta Punjab is a realistic movie, which have lots of abuses and bad languages, which a mass of audience would not like. The first half of the movie is very tight and keeps audiences intact but it becomes sluggish towards the second half. Some of the scenes are eye browsing and audiences could emotionally connect to them. One of such scenes was how Diljit’s younger brother becomes a Drug addict and what happens with him is breathe taking. Another such scene is Alia Bhatt s mental and physical torture each day. The movie has some punches which cannot be said to be comedy but dark humour as they are sarcastic. All the four pillars of the movie have given their best performances.

Udta Punjab review ratings
Udta Punjab review ratings

Abhishek Chaubey has done brilliant work with regards to narration and direction. The songs are already Chartbusters and they all go with the flow of the movie. Mostly the dialogues are in Punjabi but English Subtitles helps in understanding. In addition, Punjabi used is not very much hard to understand and as whole, the crust of the dialogues said can be understood. Udta Punjab cannot be said to be a movie liked by all with regards to its content and bold film but it would definitely be eye appealing to the targeted audiences.


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Mohenjo Daro Trailer Released ft Hrithik Roshan

Mohenjo Daro Trailer HD

One of the most awaited movies of this year is Mohanjo Daro and the makers have released the first trailer of the film. Earlier they released the first look of Hritik and Pooja. The movie has key roles played by Hritik Roshan(Sarman) and Pooja Hegde (Chaani). Kiran Bedi is seen as the ruler of that era and leaves an impact in the 3-minute long trailer. The story revolves around the Farmer played by Hritik who discover secrets and is set to save the civilisation from the greed of the ruler.

Mohenjo Daro Trailer in HD

Ashutosh Gowarikar flicks are always larger than lives and this epic romantic saga leaves the same impact. Right from the backdrop to costumes, music etc are very well depicted looking at the Indus Valley Civilisation dated back in 2600 BC. Sarman falls in love with Chaani who is a daughter of a priest. He gets to know about Chaani, his own past and the civilisation, which makes his life no less than a roller coaster. Read the response of Hrithik on Mohenjo Daro trailer.

Mohanjo daro took almost 3 years to complete and the film was extensively shot in Bhuj and Mumbai. The movie trailer is nothing less from the expectation and is set to release this year on August 12 clashing with Akshay Kumar’s Rustom.


Watch Mohenjo Daro full trailer in HD

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